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Coming from former employer Space X, owners Patrick and Liz Godwin know firsthand that the talent and businesses in Kannapolis can perform at the highest level. At ITC, they do so every day with their advanced machining, serving the aerospace, automotive and security industries.

Formerly in a 9,000 sq. ft facility in Mooresville, ITC found its new 27,000 sq. ft. location in Kannapolis to be ideal—in more ways than one. Ease of getting in and out and shipping were nice, but their clients also appreciate having plenty of hotel options nearby, along with all the restaurant and retail options available downtown.

But maybe most importantly, they found a city ready to work with them and their business, working to find ways to help their business become even more successful.

“Kannapolis is trying to actively foster a sense of community, and it’s nice to see the commitment. We’ve experienced more active leadership and people reaching out to us and maintaining communication—more so than other cities we have worked with. You feel like a big fish here,” says Patrick.

ITC continues to grow with the skilled talent, design tools and software that are needed to assist clients with model and prototype development, or creating custom parts, including composite 3D printing. 

Their team is also renowned for their precision machining, water jet cutting, part-holding fixtures, gauges for custom inspection procedures, metal fabrication, and laser part marking. But it’s not just ITC employees looking out for the success of their business.

“The city is always trying to connect us with other companies where they think it would be mutually beneficial. It’s nice to see them trying to make connections when they see an opportunity, and they do it fairly consistently,” says Patrick.

“When we need information, the material and information is conveyed without trying to dive through 500 hoops. If you want someone from Economic Development, you get someone right away, not like in other bigger cities we have experience with. The city is easy to get a hold of when you need something. It’s a collaborative community.”

And with NASCAR roots, the area is rich with skilled and talented machinists in ready supply. Being in Kannapolis offered better access for them, with more places to live and eat.

“We’ve had employees choose to move closer here because they love the town so much. We think it’s great,” says Liz.

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