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Patsy Harrison is retiring after thirteen years of service to the City of Kannapolis. She has worked as an executive administrative assistant in the Fire Department since 2009. In addition to her official work duties, Patsy has been the "mom" of the department, ensuring everyone meets deadlines,  fire staff is fed and cared for, and aiding the public with their questions and all the other miscellaneous things needed to help run a fire department.

Patsy is a Kannapolis native who has lived in the City for 76 years. She has one son, one daughter, four grandchildren and one great-grandson. During her time with the department,  she has seen her grandson, Cody, join the City as a firefighter.

Outside of work, Patsy enjoys visiting the beach and mountains. She is an active member of New Hope Lutheran Church in Kannapolis.

During retirement, Patsy hopes to enjoy herself, travel when she can and help take care of her great-grandson. She says she will miss the people she met and working with the public.

“You don’t get a better job than this,” Patsy said. “This has been my outlet and support system. I will miss everyone but I'll still stay in touch. They're my family.”