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Becky Barbee

Congratulations to Becky Barbee on her retirement from the City of Kannapolis. Becky has worked for City Attorney Wally Safrit for 35 years.

Becky began working for Mr. Safrit in 1988 when he was in private practice and completing the City’s legal work. As the City grew, the demand for legal services increased as well, and Mr. Safrit was offered a full-time position as the City’s Attorney. Becky also transitioned to the City at that time as a full-time employee.

“I have really enjoyed working for Wally and the City. To see how the City has progressed, basically since it was incorporated has been amazing,” Becky commented. The City Attorney’s office touches all the contracts for projects and services, employee documents, and policies and procedures needed to operate the City legally every day. “I started when we used typewriters and correction tape. There were many trips to hand deliver and file documents at the courthouse to being able to do everything electronically.”

“I will miss the people I work with. This is a great group of people and of course, I will miss Wally. I have seen him basically every day for 35 years – more time than I have spent with family and friends. He has been a super boss. I have been blessed to work with him all these years,” she said.

A native of Concord, Becky worked at the Penn-Carol Hosiery Mill and in the banking industry before she worked for Wally. She has two daughters, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren she plans to spend time with.