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You have probably noticed the beginning of change in Downtown Kannapolis. The first phase of the Kannapolis Downtown Revitalization Project, the streetscape and infrastructure improvements, are now underway.

This month you will see the following take place:

• Construction fencing installed around the project parameters to protect the public and provide pedestrian access to downtown businesses.

• Signage erected to help guide the public to parking and walkways to reach the businesses that are open downtown.

• Removal of overhead power lines and installation of new underground electrical ductwork from Vance Street to Laureate Way and Main Street to Oak Street/Chestnut Avenue.

• Demolition of the former K-Town Furniture Building which is the future site of the sports and entertainment venue.

• Measures to protect trees on West Avenue as well as the removal of certain trees which have aged and are unhealthy. A professional arborist and tree consultants have advised that nine oak trees will have to be removed. The remaining 20 oak trees will be preserved. Pruning, fertilization and preservation steps are underway to protect the trees during the construction phase.

• Existing streetlights removed.

• Restriping of various streets and parking lots which will not be part of the construction zone in order to maximize parking availability during the construction phase.

Phase Two is the actual construction of all streetscape and infrastructure improvements and it will begin in January 2018. The entire project should be completed in early 2019.