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Kannapolis City Manager Mike Legg presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2017 budget to the Kannapolis City Council Monday evening. The proposed FY 2017 Total Budget is $64,012,300. The budget includes no property tax increase.

The current tax rate is .63 cents per $100 valuation - a home valued at $150,000 pays $945 annually in property taxes.

The budget places an emphasis on funding public safety (fire and police) departments as well as addressing growth in the western portion of the City. The proposed budget includes funds for two new patrol officers and three firefighters for $283,200.

If this budget is adopted the City will have added 7 police officers and 18 firefighters as a result of a independent staffing study which demonstrated the need for positions in public safety to keep pace with the growth in the City’s population and the adequate delivery of services to citizens.

The City’s population has grown 9% since 2010 from approximately 42,000 to 46,000. To further address growth in the western portion of the City the budget calls for $2,500,000 for the extension of sewer east of Shiloh Church Road and $1,500,000 for extension of a water line to Charlotte in this area.

The budget also includes funds for replacing the aging Fire Station #2, remodeling Fire Station #3, purchasing a ladder truck for the fire department, telecommunication software for 911 communicators, 12 police vehicles, and one fire vehicle.

The budget also proposes adding two maintenance and building technicians in the Parks and Recreation and General Services Department to handle facilities and three public work employees to address stormwater and street maintenance needs.

The City’s budget is composed of two primary revenue sources: property taxes and sales taxes. “As the economy continues to improve and our population grows we are experiencing an increase in property tax and sales tax revenues,” said Legg.

The budget has funding for the Downtown Revitalization Project and management of the downtown properties. The budget continues the City Council priority of significant investment in economic development; nearly $1.4 million of direct, personnel and operating investments to advance economic growth and job creation.

The proposed budget calls for no increase in water/sewer rates or stormwater fees but there will be a $2.50 monthly increase in environmental fees due to an increase in the costs to collect and dispose of garbage, yard waste and recycling.

The budget also includes:
Irish Buffalo Creek Greenway (Phase I)
I-3802B sidewalk as part of the I-85 widening project
Village Park (Phase III)
Street Paving
Sidewalk Repairs
Street Maintenance/Equipment
Electricity for Streetlights
Stadium Utilities & Maintenance
Jet-Vac Truck
Improvements to the South Water Tank

Proposed Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

A public hearing on the budget is scheduled for 6 p.m., June 13, at Kannapolis City Hall with adoption scheduled for June 27.