Confirmed Teams

Teams Competing

Confirmed teams are added to this page after we receive payment and a W-9 form.  If you are looking for contest information or registration, click here.


Team Name
Bad Rooster BBQ
Baloney Joes
Banjoman's BBQ
Bayou Poker Smokers
Big Butts BBQ
Big Dog BBQ VA
Brother-in-law BBQ Team
Brothers N BBQ
Bud Wiser's BBQ
Call for Fire BBQ
Checkered Pig
Chunky BBQ
Creekside Smokers NC
Cue 2 Q BBQ
EB's Bar-B-Que
FatHeads BBQ
Good Googly Goo BBQ
Grizzley's big Deal BBQ
Hickswood BBQ
Holt Brothers BBQ
JL Smokers
Lady of Q
Limp Brizkit
Mcadoo Heights BBQ
Muttley Crew BBQ
No Name BBQ
OMF Barbecue
On Point BBQ
One Eyed Pig BBQ
Pappy & Roley's
Pig on Fire
Pig Pen Enterprises
Pyro Pigs BBQ
Q & Stew Best Ever BBQ
Redneck Scientific
Smoke and Brew
Smokin Skullies
Smokin’ Story BBQ
Smoking Studs BBQ
Son of A Mitch
Speaks For Itself BBQ
Sweet & Savory BBQ
Sweet and Smoky
The Pork Pistols
Trailer Pork Bros.
Twisted Pair BBQ