Stadium Nameplates

Nameplates from former Intimidators Stadium

  • The City of Kannapolis is under contract to sell the former Intimidators Stadium. The property will become Lakeshore Corporate Park and about 600,000 square feet of new industrial buildings.

    When the Intimidators Stadium was built several hundred people paid to sponsor a seat in the ballpark. Plaques with the names of the person(s) sponsoring the seat were placed on the backs of the seats in the ballpark acknowledging this gift.

    Seats are not being offered for sale or giveaway as they were manufactured in entire sets of four or more on a rail system and cannot be separated. Removal would destroy what is left of them and leave them with no support system such as legs and arm rests.

    If you or a family member would like your original nameplate from the ballpark please fill out the form below.  We will be in touch on how you can get your nameplate. Deadline for submitting this form is July 31. 2021.

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