Planning & Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustment

Projects/Cases out for Public Input

All meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment are held at City Hall, 401 Laureate Way in the Laureate Center.

NOTE: With the restrictions of public gatherings in place due to COVID-19, social distancing practices will be in place during Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment meetings.

* Staff Reports and Agendas will be posted no later than the Friday prior to the meeting date.


Case Number

Project Name / Documents


Project Manager

BOA-2021-02 2842 Berkhamstead Cir Variance Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2021-01 4699 Dove Field Ln Variance Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2020-21 Old Centergrove Rd CUP Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2020-20 702 Broad St Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2020-19 318 Ruth Ave Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2020-18 2305 Moose Rd Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-16 2705 Kendalwood Ct Variance Approved Zachary Gordon
BOA-2020-15 Front St CUP Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-14 Coldwater Ridge CUP Approved Gretchen Coperine
BOA-2020-13 Maple Ridge CUP Approved Gretchen Coperine
BOA-2020-12 701 Smith St CONA Approved Gretchen Coperine
BOA-2020-11 411 Kimball St Variance Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-09 708 Buick Ave Variance Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-07 Rogers Lake Rd CUP Approved Gretchen Coperine
BOA-2020-10 Northern Tool - CONA Approved Zac Gordon
BOA-2020-08 Unaddressed parcel on Buick Ave. Variance Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-06 Kannapolis Apartments N. Cannon Blvd CUP Approved Gretchen Coperine
BOA-2020-05 420, 422 & 428 S. Main St. CUP Approved Ryan Lipp

Comprehensive Sign Package
Sports & Entertainment Venue

Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-03 911 W C Street Approved Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-02 Echerd St Childcare CUP


Ryan Lipp
BOA-2020-01 2609 Melchor CUP Approved Ryan Lipp


CZ- 2021 -04 - 5615 Old Salisbury-Concord Rd 2/16/2021 Gretchen Coperine
CZ- 2021-02 - Summer's Walk COA's 2/16/2021 Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2021-01 - 4315 & 4489 Orphanage Rd Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-14 - 6156, 6220 & 6238 Davidson Hwy Approved Grechen Coperine
CZ-2020-13 - 5885, 5965 & 6041 Davidson Hwy Approved Gretchen Coperine
CPA-2020-03 - Redwood Approved Zac Gordon
CZ-2020-12 - Lane St. & Brantley Rd Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-11 - Trinity Road Apartments Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-10 - 2080 S Main St Withdrawn Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-09 - Hawthorne at the Glen Approved Gretchen Coperine
CPA-2020-02 - Brantley Rd Approved Zac Gordon
TA-2020-03 - Mobile Food Vending On-hold Zac Gordon
CZ-2020-07 - North Ave Extension Approved Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-06 - West F Street and Sycamore Ave Approved Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-05 - 675 Winecoff School Rd Approved Gretchen Coperine
TA-2020-02 - Section 10.1 and Appendix C.1.8 Approved Zac Gordon
CZ-2020-06 - Sears and Barnett St. Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-03 - Jim Johnson Rd Approved Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-04 - 100 N Ridge Ave Approved Ryan Lipp
TA-2020-01 - Maximum Development Intensity Approved Gretchen Coperine
CPA-2020-01 - Comprehensive Plan Amendment Approved Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-03 - 3948 Trinity Church Rd. Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-05 - 3575 Kannapolis Parkway Approved Gretchen Coperine
CZ-2020-02 - Mariott  Kannapolis Parkway Approved Gretchen Coperine  
CZ-2020-01 - 715 Kannapolis Parkway Withdrawn Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-02 - 406 E. D Street Approved Gretchen Coperine
Z-2020-01 - 601 E. 13th Street Approved Ryan Lipp


Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z) is responsible for reviewing proposed changes to the Official Zoning Map, text amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance, and applications for major subdivisions and exceptions to the subdivision standards. The P & Z meets at 6 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month at 401 Laureate Way.


February 16, 2021 January 19 Minutes
January 19, 2021 December 2 Minutes
December 2, 2020 November 4 Minutes
November 4, 2020 October 7 Minutes
October 7, 2020 September 2 Minutes
September 2, 2020 August 5 Minutes
August 5, 2020 May 6 & July 8 Minutes
July 8, 2020  
June Meeting Canceled Canceled
May 6, 2020 March 4 Minutes
April Meeting Canceled Canceled
March 4, 2020 February 5 Minutes
February 5, 2020 January 8 Minutes
January 8, 2020 December 4 Minutes
December 4, 2019 November 6 Minutes
November 6, 2019 October 2 Minutes
October 2, 2019 September 4 Minutes
September 4, 2019  July 10 Minutes
August Meeting Canceled Canceled
July 10, 2019  June 5 Minutes

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Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment hears appeals, grants variances and Conditional Use Permits, and issues Certificates of Nonconformity Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment meets at 6 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month 401 Laureate Way.
Agenda Staff Report   Minutes
March 2, 2021 Agenda Packet       January 5 Minutes
February meeting canceled      
January 5, 2021 Agenda Packet   December 15 Minutes
December 15, 2020 Agenda Packet   November 16 Minutes
November 17, 2020 Agenda Packet   October 20 Minutes
October 20, 2020 Agenda Packet   March 17, July 14 & September 15 Minutes
September 15, 2020 Agenda Packet   August 18 Minutes
August 18, 2020 Agenda Packet    
July 14, 2020 Agenda Packet    
June meeting canceled      
May meeting canceled      
April meeting canceled      
March 17, 2020 Agenda Packet   February 18 Minutes
February 18, 2020 Agenda Packet   January 21 Minutes
January 21, 2020 Agenda Packet   November 19 Minutes
December meeting canceled      

Meeting Schedule 2021
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